Arnold Pope was the sheriff of Wayward Pines. He butts heads with Ethan Burke and takes offense at a Secret Service agent showing up on his turf.

History Edit

Pope never knew his father; and after being an A-grade student and class president three years running, Pope ended up in jail for drugs after his mother died while he was in school.

He then tried to turn his life around by trying out for the Philadelphia police department as was turned down twice. So he moved to Seattle to start again.

Pope worked as a security guard for the Pilcher scientific facility when Pilcher selected him to become part of Wayward Pines and became a 'recruiter' on behalf of Pilcher. He was one of the first to be awakened.[1]

He was selected to be the Sheriff of Wayward Pines, enforcing the Seven Rules and taking part in reckonings.

It is revealed by Beverly that Pope was the one that killed Agent Bill Evans in a "reckoning" after Evans made a failed escape attempt.[2]

He is shot in the head by Ethan Burke after trying to kill Ethan, Theresa and Ben. His body was picked up by an abby, and taken outside the fence.[3]

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Trivia Edit

  • He had an habit of eating ice-cream, going as far as entering the Burke's house to get an uncommon flavour they had in their fridge.

References Edit

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