"Betrayal" is the seventh episode of Wayward Pines. It aired on July 2, 2015.


Theresa thinks something nefarious has been done to Ethan when he tells her that it is the year 4028. He finds a pipe bomb in his vehicle, and begins investigating the conspiracy. Theresa investigates Plot #33 and finds that a metal structure lies beneath the empty lot. Ethan finds that a former explosives expert, Franklin Dobbs, planted the bomb and soon discovers that Harold is involved in the secret group. He correctly surmises that Kate is the group's leader. She agrees to hand over all explosives under her control; believing that his story about what lies beyond the fence is the result of brainwashing, Kate instead pushes up the plan to blast through the wall to that night. Ethan intercepts Kate and her accomplices at the fence before they succeed, but soon realizes there is another bomb that is headed to the fence in a delivery truck. He is in pursuit when the bomb—inadvertently armed by Amy—detonates early, leaving Amy injured and Ben bloody and unconscious.

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