This article is about the missing Secret Service agent, for Theresa's boss, see Big Bill.

Bill Evans was one of the Secret Service agents that went missing.

History Edit

Bill Evans disappeared during an assignment and later woke up in Wayward Pines. There, he found Kate Hewson, a fellow agent.[1] After some time, Bill managed to adapt to the rules of the town and got a job mowing lawn. He met a women named Patricia, married her, and soon after, they were expecting a child.[2]

In reality, Bill wanted to leave the place, and he spent hours mapping the entire facility, and kept this information in a tiny notebook. Eventually, he met Beverly Brown, a citizen who was wishing to leave Wayward too. They planned to escape, but Bill ditched Beverly during the attempt. He was caught and executed by Sheriff Pope[2] and his body was taken to an abandoned house in the woods. His friend and fellow agent Ethan Burke, who had been assigned to his case, found the decomposing body weeks later.[1]

After weeks of being in the abandoned house, Bill's body was taken to the morgue. Ethan went there, and took a notebook from his clothes, the notebook that contained Bill's plan to escape.[2]

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