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    Season 2 Theories

    February 2, 2016 by Ryukou

    I swear I wasn't entirely sober when I wrote this.

    Wayward Pines Season 2 will take off from where Season 1 ended (which kinda took a page from a Boy's Love game if you ask me.) With the First Generation having taken over Wayward Pines post-Pilcher; a struggle to preserve the last of humanity is the premise of the season.

    BUT how would you preserve humanity with about less than a hundred people remaining considering that Sheriff Higgins is a loose cannon on reckoning people; especially adults.

    Plot Twist:

    Since Pilcher is already gonna perverse the limits of science and technology anyway with longevity stuff; he also actually invested in Cloning Technology.

    Ben Burke uncovers a secret journal which was locked deep in the Mountain Complex (a sec…

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  • Ryukou

    I did this for the Sleepy Hollow Wiki too and brought to their attention the awesome Japanese dub of the series.

    For Wayward Pines Wiki, here's snippets of information about the Wayward Pines official Japanese dub release:


    Second link is the entire first episode subtitled in Japanese. You will get the Japanese dub if you buy the DVDs, of course. ^^;
    I knew it! The opening theme was slightly different from the beginning than the current one.

    • M. Night WP Japan Video
    • Kenjiro Tsuda WP Japan Video

    Wayward Pines: The Inescapable Town

    (ウェイワード・パインズ 出口のない街 …

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