Carrie Barnes was a student at Wayward Pines Academy.

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Carrie woke up in Wayward Pines Hospital sometime after having been in a hit-and-run accident. She enrolled in Wayward Pines Academy, and on her first day was called to Room 1 for orientation. She sat in a chair numbered 110, and waited with classmate Reed Bentley until Ben Burke arrived. Ben introduced himself and asked what the number on his chair meant; however Carrie couldn't give him an answer, beyond that she had "110" on her chair.

When Mrs. Fisher walked in the room, she dimmed the lights, and showed the kids a slideshow. She explained that several students before them had completed orientation, and joined the First Generation. When Fisher showed them a picture of a barely discernible being, saying that it was their (those who ran Wayward Pines) first evidence of the creature's existence, Carrie asked the creature was. The teacher asked them to take a guess, and when Reed suggested that the creature could be Bigfoot, Carrie laughed.

However, Mrs. Fisher told them that those were in fact abbies, carnivores that lurked outside the fence. During lunch, Amy Breslow sat with them and tried to make them feel better about the abbies, and promised that things would make sense after they finished their lesson.

Back at orientation, Mrs. Fisher gave Carrie and the boys ancient coins, and they discovered that they were American quarters, dating from yhe year 2095. She asked the kids about the last thing they remembered before getting to Wayward Pines, and asked them how much they thought they had been out. She revealed that they were frozen for 2000 years, and that thanks to David Pilcher, they had survived the human extinction. They had been chosen to ensure the survival of the human race.

Mrs. Fisher turned the lights on and asked them not to tell about the things they had learned to their parents, since when one child had in the past, his parents decided to commit suicide. She explained that adults had lived way too long in the old world, and that they couldn't take the true.

The teacher told them that they were the future, and that Wayward Pines needed them to work together, since they were now part of the First Generation. She took a picture of them, and having finished the class, she took them to a continuous room, where all the members of the First Generation were waiting for them. Mrs. Fisher gave them candles, Amy shared her fire with them to light them and the rest of the kids hit their palms against the tables to welcome them to the First Generation.[1]

It is unknown if Carrie was killed during the abby attack or if she made it to safety in another bunker with other members of the First Generation

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