Jason Higgins was the leader of the faction known as the "First Generation". He later becomes the new leader of Wayward Pines after the First Generation seizes control from the adults in the aftermath of the abby attack.



Jason Higgins is a former student who became the leader of the First Generation and has plans to keep the town of Wayward Pines, Idaho, contained to protect the human race. Three young men from the First Generation, led by Jason Higgins, storm the jail wanting to reckon Kate, Harold, Franklin and two others. They are initially thwarted by Arlene, but Jason later returns and executes all except Kate, who survives only when Ethan Burke arrives to shoot her attacker. Jason, still recovering from being shot by Ethan, heads to safety in another bunker with members of the First Generation. After the Abby incident, Jason and the First Generation have seized control of Wayward Pines and frozen most of the adults. When Ben wakes up in the hospital and walks through the town, he finds that Jason has become the sheriff—and corpses are strung up on lampposts bearing signs saying "DO NOT TRY TO LEAVE". It is discovered in the episode "Once Upon A Time in Wayward Pines", that Pamela Pilcher is his adoptive mother. At this time, it is unclear who his biological father is.

When Jason reads Kerry's real profile, he finds out that he is actually her son. When Kerry walks in (unknowing that he is her son) Jason starts questioning her about the baby she had. She tells him the baby was taken away as soon as it was born. Jason asks if she is sure it was taken away which confuses Kerry. After Jason reaches for his gun, Kerry tackles him. After a brief struggle the gun goes off in Jasons chest. They both fall to the floor. Jason is taken to the hospital where Theo tries to save him but purposely doesn't do a certain procedure which would have saved Jason's life. Jason then flatlines on the operating table. Only Oscar knows that Theo purposely didn't try and save Jason.

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