Nancy is a resident of Wayward Pines and the mother of Drake.

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After hearing that there was a doctor in town again, she went to see Rebecca Yedlin at her house. At the door, she informed Rebecca that for days, Drake, her son, couldn't catch his breath and that she knew something was wrong. She then saw Theo Yedlin inside and asked him if he could help her son, to which he agreed.

At the hospital, Theo checked Drake for symptoms. After finding that it was just malnutrition, Theo asked Nancy what was the situation at home. She informed him that she gives Drake all the rations first. Theo then asked if they have access to vitamins, to which Oscar informed him that the family didn't qualify for them. Theo then planned to tube Drake and hydrate him to fix the problem.

A few days later, Nancy was in Wayward Beauty getting her hair done by Rebecca.

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