Patricia Evans is the widow of Bill Evans and a resident of Wayward Pines.

History Edit

Patricia moved to a house in Wayward Pines at some point. There eventually met former Secret Service agent Bill Evans, a man who mowed lawns. They later married and eventually Patricia became pregnant.

Despite their life together, her husband didn't plan on staying in the town permanently. Bill tried to escape. He was caught and reckoned, leaving Patricia to take care of a newborn by herself.

Weeks later, Patricia received a visit from Ethan Burke, a man who claimed he used to work with Bill. Knowing the rule about not discussing the past, Patricia told Ethan that her husband wasn't killed. She informed him that Bill committed suicide, and when Ethan asked her if she was sure, she said that she had watched him do it, shutting the door in his face.[1]

It is unknown if Patricia and her baby were killed during the abby attack or if they were put in hibernation with the rest of the surviving adults.

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Wayward Pines Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She has a real way with flowers.[1]

References Edit

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