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A reckoning is a ceremony held at Main Street in Wayward Pines, Idaho to execute a citizen who broke the Seven Rules.

Process Edit

When a reckoning is needed, people from the superstructure calls the residents of Wayward Pines to let them know of it. In some cases, like that of Beverly, the citizens will receive instructions to capture the person to be reckoned if the person is still at large.

Reckonings take place in Main Street, on a white wooden scaffold on the back of a truck in front of the entire town. The sheriff is responsible for chaining the offender by their wrists and slashing their throats. After that, the sheriff will guide the residents in reciting the Seven Rules. The body of the reckoned is then taken to an abandoned house in the town's outskirts.[1]

After the First Generation took control of the town, the bodies of reckoned people would be displayed publicly tied to light poles on the town square near a statue of David Pilcher to remember the rest of the residents of the consequences of breaking the rules.[2]

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