Seven Rules notice

A flier with the Seven Rules.

In Wayward Pines, there is a set of Seven Rules that every resident must follow in order to live in the community.


After the failure of Group A, David Pilcher and his volunteers agreed that the new town's residents should follow Seven Rules designed to avoid talking about the truth.[1] These rules were never to be questioned.

People who broke them would receive a strike, and if someone got three strikes, they would be reckoned in public execution.[2]

People in town can see the rules framed in shops, since they should be posted prominently on every place of business across town and they are recited after a reckoning. Some people who broke the rules to the point of being reckoned are Bill Evans and Beverly Brown.[3]


  • Rule #1: Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines
  • Rule #2: Be happy
  • Rule #3: Work hard
  • Rule #4: Always answer the phone if it rings
  • Rule #5: Do not discuss the past
  • Rule #6: Do not discuss the life before
  • Rule #7: Do not try to leave


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