Ted Laufer was a mailman in Wayward Pines.

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Ted was abducted and then forced to live in Wayward Pines as a mailman. He met people like him, willing to break the rules, and formed a bond with them. They gathered in secret to discuss about their situation and their past, and at some point, the group decided that they would escape.[1]

Along with Kate Hewson, Harold Ballinger, Peter McCall, Franklin Dobbs, and several other residents, they planned to take down the fence. Since Franklin used to be an explosives expert, they decided to use a bomb. Ted would be their intermediary, taking packages to other members.

After Peter's death, one of his packages went missing, and Ted looked everywhere for it. Desperate, he visited Ballinger Toys to talk to Kate and Harold, where Kate figured that it might have been sitting in his office. Ted mentioned that it would be difficult to retreat the package, since Big Bill was always there, and now they had a new realtor, Theresa Burke. Kate said that she would take her out of the office, so Ted could have more time to search.

After Kate and Theresa left the store, Ted went in, telling Bill that he had a package for Theresa Burke. While Bill was busy, Ted found Peter's package, and put it inside the box without a bottom that he had with him. After that, Ted claimed that he had realized that the package wasn't for Theresa Burke, but Theresa Cook. He left the store shortly after, and delivered Peter's package to Harold.[2]

The next night, Harold met Ted at the Biergarten. He asked him if it had been him the one that put a bomb on Ethan's car, and he said that the last thing they needed was someone following them. Despite Harold's claim that they weren't murderers, Ted clarified that the other side had killed a lot of people. After asking him if he wanted to go ahead with the plan, Harold gave Ted the backup bomb, that he would take to the fence. Ted put the bomb, disguised as a music box, in the back of his truck, and while he was driving on Main Street, the bomb exploded.[1] In the explosion, Ted's body was badly injured, having burns that covered 90% of his body. He was taken to the hospital, but he didn't survive his injuries.[3]

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