"The Friendliest Place on Earth" is the eighth episode of Wayward Pines. It aired on July 9, 2015.


After Amy accidentally sets of a bomb in the truck that Ben and Amy was in, they both got blasted out of the delivery truck. Ethan came to the rescue and carried Ben of his shoulder with Amy following along with minor injuries. Ethan hands Ben of to Pam, and three other doctors. Amy is fine with minor injuries, but is told to rest. Ben regains consciousness, and is fine with minor injuries. And for severe injuries Ted is dead. But Megan tells Ben privately more about the situation. Now that Megan had a talk with Ben, Ben is mad at Ethan for letting Harold go. Now Harold and Franklin are planning to crash through the electric fence with a big truck to plant Ted's body. Meanwhile Pam interviews their town's surveillance team to see if anyone is hiding things from them. After Ethan talks to Theresa about how he let a bomber go, Theresa talked to Megan and told her to stay away from her family. Now Ethan got an emergency call to investigate a stolen truck, but Ethan figures out that part of the group that is trying to escape is using the truck to smash through the fence. David decides to kill one of the surveillance because he has been blurring the tapes. Alan smashes the truck through the fence to bury Eric, once they smash through the fence the stumble upon some abbies, and the show leaves on a cliffhanger

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