Theresa Burke was a former Secret Service Agent trainee and the wife of Ethan Burke.

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When Ethan's boss Adam Hassler tells her that her husband is missing, she sets out on her own search for her husband with their teenage son, Ben, despite being in Seattle.

She and Ben also got trapped in Wayward Pines, later on Ethan told her the truth but she didn't believe him at first.

A few days later, she investigated Plot 33 more. She later brought Ethan and Kate there to share what she had found. She showed them files she'd found on a laptop inside the underground bunker. The first file is a video of Adam Hassler in abby-infested San Francisco. There were a collection of video diaries from many different cities.

After the abby attack she was put into hibernation with the rest of the adults. At some point she was later taken out of hibernation and was allowed to continue her life in Wayward Pines.

Theresa spends the first half of season 2 frantically searching the town for her recently disappeared son, Ben, unaware that he has been killed by abbies outside of the fence. After she meets Adam Hassler, who had recently come back to Wayward Pines, she explains to him that her husband is dead and her son has been sent outside of the fence, blaming him for losing her family. Determined to find out what happened to Ben, she joins an expedition investigating the abbies' retreat from the surrounding areas. While on the expedition, Adam Hassler discovers the remains of Ben and brings them to her. While mourning her son's death, she confirms Adam's fears that she actually joined the expedition to die, as there is nothing left for her in Wayward Pines anymore, and she tells him that she will never love him despite his feelings for her. During the same night she is seriously hurt by an abbie during a surprise attack on the camp. She is then brought back to Wayward Pines and put into the hospital. The next morning, Adam visits her and tries to comfort her. She closed her eyes, thinking of her past life with Ethan and Ben. Shortly after that she flatlines peacefully with Adam watching over her, softly crying.

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