Wayward Pines is a American thriller television series by Chad Hodge and M. Night Shyamalan based on the book series Pines by Blake Crouch. Airing on Fox, Wayward Pines is evocative of the classic hit series Twin Peaks and stars Academy Award nominee Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard, and more. The series premiered on May 14, 2015, and it has a companion web series called Gone: A Wayward Pines Story. On December 9, 2015, Fox renewed the series for a second season set to premiere in summer 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Imagine the perfect American town... beautiful homes, manicured lawns, children playing safely in the streets. Now imagine never being able to leave. You have no communication with the outside world. You think you're going insane. You must be in Wayward Pines.

Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke drives to the bucolic town of Wayward Pines, ID, searching for two missing federal agents. One of the best Secret Service agents in the Seattle office, he's the man who knew missing agent Kate Hewson better than anyone. They were more than partners; their relationship nearly destroyed Ethan's marriage.

Everything changes when a truck slams into his car… and he wakes up in the Wayward Pines Hospital, with the intense and unpredictable Nurse Pam at his bedside. It soon appears that Pam is more interested in harming than healing. She and Ethan grow into deadly rivals, and her role in the town proves much deeper than anyone realizes.

As the mysteries within the town pile up, Ethan starts to question his own sanity. He is confronted by the mysterious and charismatic Dr. Jenkins, the psychiatrist who treats him at Wayward Pines Hospital. As he begins to meet some of the local residents, including toymaker Harold Ballinger, Ethan forms a bond with Beverly Brown, a bartender who is as wary of Wayward Pines as he is.

Back home in Seattle, Ethan's wife, Theresa Burke, a former Secret Service Agent trainee, is informed by Ethan's boss, Adam Hassler, that early testing shows Ethan was never in the car which was recovered on the side of the road outside of Wayward Pines. They're still investigating. But this isn't enough for Theresa. So she sets out on her own search for her husband, along with their teenage son, Ben Burke.

Meanwhile, Ethan is challenged at every turn by the town's die-hard residents, especially Sheriff Arnold Pope, who takes offence at a Secret Service agent showing up on his turf. Ethan's continuing investigation only turns up more and more questions, and each one leads him to the most important question of all: What's wrong with Wayward Pines?

Episodes Edit

No. Title Original air date Directed by Written by U.S. viewers by million
1 "Where Paradise Is Home" May 14, 2015 M. Night Shyamalan Chad Hodge 3.76
2 "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before" May 21, 2015 Charlotte Sieling Chad Hodge 4.59
3 "Our Town, Our Law" May 28, 2015 Zal Batmanglij Chad Hodge 3.97
4 "One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire" June 4, 2015 Zal Batmanglij Steven Levenson 4.20
5 "The Truth" June 11, 2015 James Foley Blake Crouch and The Duffer Brothers 4.24
6 "Choices" June 25, 2015 Jeff T. Thomas The Duffer Brothers and Brett Conrad 3.45
7 "Betrayal" July 2, 2015 Steve Shill Rob Fresco 3.38
8 "The Friendliest Place on Earth" July 9, 2015 Tim Hunter Patrick Aison, Rob Fresco, Chad Dodge, & Blake Crouch 3.37
9 "A Reckoning" July 16, 2015 Nimrod Antal

The Duffer Brothers

10 "Cycle" July 23, 2015 Tim Hunter

The Duffer Brothers, Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch







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